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Consumers are generally faced with multiple options in the market place with none too easy to choose. Most of them depend on customer reviews or feedback to be able to make up their minds on what works or doesn’t. Any minute customers spend studying options that may be available to them guarantees the success of their buying decisions through proper choices. The opposite is also true.

Before the Internet came into being, the consumer had few choices to make, from a limited number of vendors. Today, the consumer is bombarded by a large list of suppliers in a detached interconnected world.

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Many e-commerce companies help their consumers make better buying decisions by educating them about options that are available to them. The sources of consumer information online include customer reviews, expert analysis, and product comparisons. While these are practical in many e-commerce spheres, for essay writing companies, this is impossible. Essay writing companies belong to a group of sellers where reviews are not practical on parent essay writing companies due to privacy related issues.

What students should do

For students who buy essays online, choosing an essay writing company is simply as hard as choosing the love of your life. One has to be extra careful in whatever he or she does. This includes being able to check out for the relevant reviews on other sites such as

Why reviews are important

There are millions of essay writing company websites on the net. Some of them are legit while others are not. For a student to find a competent essay writer they can trust, the best way to tell the difference is through other persons’ perspectives. goes overboard to find the information a student might need to find a good essay writer. These reviews are the only block between good essay writing companies, bad ones and the consumers. They enlighten them (the consumers).

How it works

There are two main types of reviews on this website. The first set of reviews describes a given essay writing company from a consumers’ perspective. We ask real essay writing company customers for their reviews. Once they have submitted it, we are able to create a list of top essay writing companies.

In addition to that, also asks its experts to study various rated essay writing companies. The background check is to verify that the said company really exists, together with an analysis of what it does.